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Tiera May

Artist Bio + Statement

Tiera May is a visual artist and musician from Northern California. She currently resides in Spokane, Washington.


May’s work has been featured at the Nevada City Film Festival, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Blue Line Art Gallery, The Museum of Northern California Art, B-So Gallery and 1078 Gallery.

Artist's statement 

My art explores mythology, folklore and mysticism through analog collage. Manipulating elements of iconography as a means of investigating visual semiotics is the primary focus of my work. By removing an image from its original context and placing it in juxtaposition with another, a transmutation takes place and a new visual language is created.

Working with paper as a medium in what is becoming a paperless age is an obsession of mine. Because of my reverence for and fascination with relics of the past, the dismantling of rare and out-of-print books to incorporate specific elements in my collages is like a ritual sacrifice; the act of cutting up an antique book pains the bibliophile in me yet I am still compelled to do it. This continuous dance of destruction and creation is integral to my process.

Past Exhibitions

1078 Gallery

Chico, CA


Nevada City Film Festival
Nevada City, CA


B-SO Space Gallery
Chico, CA


Chico, CA


Museum of Northern California Art
Chico, CA


Blue Line Art Gallery
Roseville, CA


Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Nevada City, CA


2017   Sierra College, Associate Degree in Liberal Arts & Cultures

2016   Sierra College, Associate Degree in Studio Art

2016   Sierra College, Associate Degree in Applied Art & Design

Upcoming Exhibitions

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