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Black Sheep Studio is a collective featuring the work of Nevada County visual artists Sean Patrick Leydon, Claire Pupo and Tiera May.

Sean Patrick Leydon’s photography captures the spirit of rusting junk and concert goers alike with an extreme inquisitiveness that borders on rude. Leydon believes that there are no mistakes to be made in self expression, only the opportunity to honestly share your way of seeing.


Mixed media painter Claire Pupo’s work and process is centered around Spirituality and communion with the subtle components of her larger ‘self.’ Through interpreting her finished pieces, Pupo gains a deeper understanding of hidden aspects of her identity; enabling her  to remain at peace with being a human woman on Earth and providing a healthy distance from the suffocating parts of modern life.


Tiera May’s abstract paintings explore emotion through gesture and movement. May’s approach involves deconstructing and reassembling a language of both recognized and invented marks and symbols to explore minimalism as a personal narrative. 


These three distinctive artists have flocked together to share their work with the community.

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